Eco-Fix A-E heavy loading console

Heavy loading console Eco-Fix A and Eco-Fix E supplementary module for mounting of heavier objects on the thermal insulation system – ETICS


  • hardened polyurethane laminated

Features and benefits

  • hard and bearing material with low thermal conductivity (Eco-Fix A = 0,038 W/mK; Eco-Fix E = 0,038 W/mK)
  • suitable for mounting of support purlins, railings, consoles, awnings, satellite systems, sliding shutters (suspension above), heavy lamps and signs, canopies
  • allowed pull-out forces depending on anchoring and substrate material
  • possibility of higher loads, secure fastening
  • whole solution is hidden under plaster
  • versatility – suitable for all thicknesses of the insulation material (combinations of supplementary modules)
  • depth [mm]: 80
  • width [mm]: 280
type number package [pc] pallet [pc]
Eco-Fix A 080 309.02 1 100
type: Eco-Fix A 080
number: 309.02
package: 1 pc
pallet: 100 pc