Eco-Fix MST mounting bar

Eco-Fix MST Mounting bar for fastening of light objects on the thermal insulation system – ETICS system – ETICS


  • hardened polystyrene

Features and benefits

  • hard and bearing material with low thermal conductivity (0,040 W/mK)
  • allowed pull-out forces - 0.30 kN (30 kg)  
  • whole solution is hidden under plaster  
  • suitable for mounting of motion detectors, folding shutters (hinge  at the top, retention element/sash lock), coat hanger supports,  light lamps and signs, tube clamps,,- sliding shutters (guide below),  temperature sensors  
  • frontal area: 100x140mm  
  • suitable for cutting multiple bars of desired size       
type number package [pc] pallet [pc]
Eco-Fix MST 305.01 1 56
type: Eco-Fix MST
number: 305.01
package: 1 pc
pallet: 56 pc