GECKO U8 spiral anchor with metal screw

Gecko U8 a plastic screwed-in spiral anchor for countersunk installation in thermal insulation boards in the thermal insulation system – ETICS

Evropské technické posouzení ETA


  • anchor: polypropylene
  • anchor: polyamide
  • screw: zinc-coated steel

Features and benefits

  • ETA-15/0305
  • for countersunk assembly in insulation boards made of EPS, MW *), PUR and PF
  • only one length for all insulation materials and all substrates
  • point thermal conductivity coefficient down to 0,000 W/K
  • clean cutting of the spiral unit into the insulation board
  • secure anchoring of the screw anchor in the substrate
  • two different settings for situations with/without old render
  • for concrete, full and hollow ceramic and silicate brick, lightweight concrete and aerated concrete (A, B, C, D, E)
  • anchoring depth 30 mm for all substrates
  • anchor sleeve diameter [mm]: 8
type number substrate package [pc] pallet [pc]
GECKO U8 Achor 265.01 A|B|C|D|E 150 4 800
type: GECKO U8 Achor
number: 265.01
substrate: A
package: 150 pc
pallet: 4 800 pc