LE-G drip bead

LE-G drip bead with mesh for LO-Al base profiles to ensure a durable connection of the base profile to the plasters in the thermal insulation system – ETICS


  • PVC
  • glass fibre mesh
  • double-sided self-adhesive tape

Features and benefits

  • durable connection of the base profile to plasters
  • prevents horizontal cracks occurrence in the place of joining the plaster to the base profile and vertical cracks in the spots of connection of two base profiles
  • with its distinct drip edge, the bead ensures a perfect water drainage from the surface, prevents capillary rise into the system
  • perfect structural and visual finish and closure of the system
  • width [mm]: 5
type number plaster [mm] length [m] package [m] pallet [m]
LE-G 05 135.0525 5 2,5 125 3 750
type: LE-G 05
number: 135.0525
length [m]: 2,5
plaster [mm]: 5
package: 125 m
pallet: 3 750 m