LK-VH PVC corner with visible edge

LK-VH corner bead with a visible edge and glass fibre mesh for reinforcement of all corners and edges in the thermal insulation system – ETICS


  • PVC
  • glass fibre mesh

Features and benefits

  • reinforcement of corners, edges and window and door reveals
  • corner protection against mechanical damage
  • prevents cracks
  • creation of ideally straight corner
  • package contains 32 pcs of connecting pegs
  • visible edge provides suitable spot for transition to different color of plaster
  • connecting peg: yes
  • plaster [mm]: 10
type number length [m] package [m] pallet [m]
LK-VH 123.1025 2,5 62,5 1 875
type: LK-VH
number: 123.1025
length [m]: 2,5
package: 62,5 m
pallet: 1 875 m