LS-US8 window reveal bead

LS-US8 window reveal bead with glass fibre mesh for elastic connection of the window or door frame to plasters in the thermal insulation system - ETICS


  • PVC
  • glass fibre mesh
  • double-sided self-adhesive PE foam tape

Features and benefits

  • the mesh is welded to the profile - thermal join
  • provides elastic connection between the thermal insulation system and the window or door frame
  • prevents plaster detachment from the window or door frame
  • prevents cracks
  • eliminates the need for additional joint filling
  • ideal for narrow window or door frames
  • the bead is hidden in the plaster
  • aesthetically perfect detail
  • protects window or door frames against staining during plastering work
type number length [m] package [m] pallet [m]
LS-US8 150.24 2,4 120 3 600
type: LS-US8
number: 150.24
length [m]: 2,4
package: 120 m
pallet: 3 600 m