LX-45 flashing connection bead

LX-45 connecting bead with glass fibre mesh for durable connection between metal flashing and plasters in the thermal insulation system – ETICS


  • PVC
  • glass fibre mesh

Features and benefits

  • easy fitting of the bead onto the flashing
  • ensures connection between the flashing and the plasters without the risk of cracking
  • ensures perfect water drainage from the system, eliminates capillarity rise into the system
  • protects the system against mechanical damage and weather effects
  • smooth connection of the beads is provided by connecting pegs
  • the final shape enables finishing plaster precisely
  • package contains 25 pcs of connecting pegs free of charge
  • connecting peg: yes
type number length [m] package [m] pallet [m]
LX-45 125.20 2,0 50 1 500
type: LX-45
number: 125.20
length [m]: 2,0
package: 50 m
pallet: 1 500 m