VLTU-2H drip bead with visible edge

VLTU-2H window drip bead with visible drip-edge and glass fibre mesh for finishing plasters and water drainage at the window heads in the thermal insulation system - ETICS. The bead can also be used as a balcony drip bead. The bead can also be at the bottom edge of the system where the LO base profile is not used for the insulation layer set-up


  • PVC
  • glass fibre mesh

Features and benefits

  • grooves ensuring clean finishing of plaster layers
  • edge reinforcement at the upper edge of window and door openings
  • water drainage from the system, elimination of capillarity along the upper door and window part and potential plaster cracking in winter
  • visible drip edge, extra efficient drainage
  • edge reinforcement and water draining from balconies and terraces
  • edge protection against mechanical damage
  • prevents cracks
  • creation of ideally straight edge
type number length [m] package [m] pallet [m]
VLTU-2H 145.20 2,0 40 800
VLTU-2H 145.25 2,5 50 1 500
type: VLTU-2H
number: 145.20
length [m]: 2,0
package: 40 m
pallet: 800 m
type: VLTU-2H
number: 145.25
length [m]: 2,5
package: 50 m
pallet: 1 500 m