30 years of experience, progress and innovation

We have become one the market leaders thanks to our presence on the diversified market of ETICS, plastering and plasterboards accessories. We are familiar with the requirements for good suppliers and we comply with them thanks to our language skills, efficient order management and reliability. 

Our business strategy is based on long-term relationships and respect to your business in the area of your activity.  

We can adjust our products according to your brand and we may even train your sales personnel if necessary. We have a wide range of documents for project designers and we provide support during all stages of project implementation. 

Our production is governed by sustainability and environmental responsibility. We test our products according to applicable standards and we go even beyond the scope of mandatory certification for majority of our products. Our own testing centre enables the development of new products and continuous monitoring of the consistent quality of our current products. We verify expansion capabilities, quality of input materials and respective components.

Discover our story


After the fall of former regime, private enterprises returned to Czechoslovakia. Two friends Jiří Burant and Miroslav Toman entered the free market.


They rented their first metalworking facility in Lipůvka. Together with the original employees, they started manual production of building profiles for thermal insulation. They founded a new company and named it LIKOV.

The turnover was 5,800,000 CZK. The production and warehousing premises reached 1,130 m2.


 The company gained its first foreign customers, and the turnover rose to 23,000,000 CZK.


The company switched from manual to automatic production. The turnover was 138,000,000 CZK.


 Production capabilities were extended by the first gluing line for LK corner beads replacing the slow manual production. The turnover reached 196,000,000 CZK.


Based on the increasing demand, the company built a new production facility in Tišnov. It covered an area of 1,950 m2. 


The company passed to the founders’ sons, who are its current owners. Thus, the company stayed a true family business.


LIKOV moved to a new facility in Kuřim with enlarged production and warehousing premises of 16,000 m2.


The company turnover reflected the overall economic recession and amounted to 482,000,000 CZK. 


LIKOV celebrated 20 years since its establishment.  The turnover was 800,000,000 CZK.


A new logistic centre was established in Kuřim. The production and warehousing capacities were enlarged to 25,000 m2.


The company reached its historical peak with a total of 150 employees and business relations in 44 countries. The turnover of 1,500,000,000 CZK (62,000,000 EUR) was a record amount too.


LIKOV intends to build a new production area in Tišnov. A new project combining the highest demands on production, warehousing and administration will be executed. Environmental protection of this plan has great importance. The facility will be energy self-sufficient thanks to photovoltaics and intensive water management. The production heat will be re-used for facility heating, and green roofs are to be installed.  
The warehousing premises will more than double from the current 25,000 m2 to 52,000 m2.