LIKOV means high precision and quality of products and deliveries

We have three decades of experience in production of building profiles and we gather innovation stimuli from building practice from all over the world. Thanks to that, we offer a wide range of products, which keeps pace with development in the construction area throughout regions. With us you will find both –verified products you are familiar with as well as news following current trends in construction. 

We are proud of the high quality and the durability of materials we utilise. We do not use any recycled material in plastic components -the primary raw materials are processed instead. The ultrasonic welding technology for mesh fixation we use provide long lifespan and trouble-free construction operation.  For aluminium products, we use high-grade EN AW1050 A aluminium. The products from galvanised steel are made of material with the thickest zinc layer (Z275) which ensures high resistance against corrosion. We comply with ISO 9001:2016 quality management criteria as well.

We are aware of your needs during construction works as well as the investors’ requirements. Therefore, we have supplemented our own range with related products and brought them under our own brands. They also guarantee premium quality with specifications meeting the strictest technical and legislation requirements ensured by the production supervision and regular quality controls. 

Lifitex® is the brand of fibreglass meshes featuring the best quality among reinforcing fabrics for ETICS. Ligeo® represents geotextiles, Linop® dimpled membranes and finally Likodrain® drainage channels and accessories.

ETICS – beads and accessories for external thermal insulation systems

ETICS or contact thermal insulation systems are the most effective solution for thermal insulation of walls even in great thicknesses. The only thermal bridges in ETICS can be formed by plastic anchors, for which heat leakage can be minimised to insignificant values. Using beads is the best solution for creation of most details, e.g. material transitions, connection of building structures or adjacent buildings. These speed up the construction works, improve the aesthetics by forming straight edges and the final detail is fully functional with respect to its flexibility and expansion properties. The range of beads is divided according to detail types, and various options are available considering ETICS specifications or specifications of the building structure being built.

Fibreglass meshes

Fibreglass meshes are used as reinforcement for the basic coating layer ETICS or plastering. They prevent creation of cracks and also increase the mechanical resistance of the surface. The strutural resistance can be increased by adding another mesh layer, which is suitable for surfaces exposed to human activities. Strength and resistance to alkali environments in plastering are the most important characteristics of the mesh.

Beads and accessories for ventilated facades

Ventilated facades are a technology designed for thermal insulation using dry installation. Mineral wool is used as a thermal insulating material due to its non-flammability and air permeability. However, other components can be highly diverse. Supporting grids can be made of wood or metal and the facing variability is almost unlimited. Accessories utilised within the system greatly affect the function and durability ventilated facades.

Balcony accessories and waterproofing

When reconstructing concrete balconies several crucial details have to be properly treated due to proper waterproofing and water drainage. The designed layers and details must comply with requirements for long-term water resistance. They must also resist thermal stress and related movements and elongations of construction materials.

Plasters – beads and accessories for interior and exterior plastering

The aesthetic impression of the final design of the interior and the exterior walls depends on plastering and its execution. It has to be smooth with prefect edging. High-quality execution of the surface and the details is facilitated by plastic or galvanized beads with various applications. These beads also ensure the functional connection of plasters to adjacent structural elements, e.g. door or window frames, etc.

Gypsum boards – beads and accessories for drywall construction and aerated concrete structures

Drywall construction means structure installation made from gypsum boards (plasterboards). The load-bearing structure is made of galvanised profiles for which various suspension and connecting elements are installed depending on their type and shape. Various screw types are used during installation. After fastening the boards, all expansion joints between the individual pieces have to be reinforced in order to ensure their surface invisibility and protection against cracks. During the final surface treatment (skimming), aluminium or plastic beads are used as details on the board edges. The advantage of aluminium beads is their low thickness, the advantage of PVC beads is in the higher durability, additional impact protection and wide variety of visual detail.

Anchoring – Dowels, screws

The range of anchors and dowels contains a variety of products – starting from dowels for less-demanding applications up to anchors for heavy duty purposes and high safety level. When selecting an anchor, it is important to consider its intended use and especially the state of the substrate material. Correct and thorough preparation of the anchoring opening in the substrate is an integral part of safe anchoring.

Concrete and formwork reinforcement

The correct position of the steel reinforcement needs to be ensured during the creation of reinforced concrete layers and structures. Plain or bar reinforcement has to remain in the required position after the concrete has been poured in order to ensure adequate reinforcement and force distribution. Additional elements are used to fix the reinforcement in desired position for this purpose.

Drainage – geotextiles, dimpled membranes, drainage systems and accessories

The Ligeo brand offers geotextiles used especially in soil though they can also be used in other building structures. The Linop dimpled membranes are mainly used for ventilation of the parts of constructions located under ground level. The Likodrain range features products for construction and terrain drainage.